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Robots break new ground in construction industry  / 

Robots break new ground in construction industry

“Not only is it safer and faster, but you get more data, as much as ten to a hundred times more data,” said Kespry CEO George Mathew. “This becomes a complete game changer for a lot of the industrial work that’s being accomplished today.”

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Rock Products  / 

Aggregate Producers Tout Use of Kespry Aerial Intelligence

Aerial intelligence solutions provider Kespry showcased the work of more than 170 aggregates customers at AGG1 in Houston, March 6-8. These organizations, including new Kespry aggregates customers CSA Materials, Stoneco of Michigan (a division of Oldcastle) and York Building Products, all use the Kespry industrial drone-based platform to manage stockpile inventories, plan mining operations and maximize revenue.

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Pit & Quarry  / 

Drones continue to make a difference at aggregate sites

To date, Kespry says its aggregate customers have flown 10,400 worksite missions measuring 223,000 stockpiles across 1.4 million acres.

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Unmanned Aerial Online  / 

Kespry Drone Platform Gives Midwest Roofing Company ‘Game-Changing’ Inspections

“Kespry enables us to give our customers an unbiased, thoroughly detailed report on their roof in a fraction of the time a conventional and potentially damaging inspection would take,” comments Phil Pratt, commercial consultant for the roofing company’s multifamily and commercial division. 

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Aggregate Research  / 

D&T selects Kespry for inventory management and topographical analysis

“Using Kespry means more safety and saving time. It’s a huge pain to send somebody to the top of a rock stockpile and come down two or three hours later to end up with 15 topographical points, compared to the hundreds or thousands we get with the Kespry Drone," said Dan Liechty, project engineer, D&T.

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Rock Products  / 

Old Hickory Clay Flies High

Old Hickory Clay determined that the best approach would be to buy a drone and use it to survey each of its mining operations on a regular basis. After doing its research, the company chose a Kespry 2s System.

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Wall Street Journal  / 

Drones Can Cut Property Inspection Costs—but Are They Safe?

Building inspectors who used to rely on binoculars and ladders are turning to drones to check property exteriors for signs of damage or deterioration that could lead to injuries.

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Forbes  / 

Autonomous Transportation Will Arrive Faster Than Predicted And Afford Bigger Business Opportunities

Rather than a plethora of new hardware, the emphasis will be on development of software, which will make up half of the systems on vehicles versus 30 percent today. Here names like QNX, Nvidia, Intel, Google, and Kespry stand out.

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CIO  / 

Taking to the skies – using drones in the insurance industry

Farmers Insurance use Kespry's services for roof inspections and other claims activities. They offer cloud services for data storage and analysis as well as drone inspections.

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Unmanned Aerial Online  / 

Roofing Company in the South Finds Success With Kespry Drone Inspections

“Roofing analysis can be done better. We can do it better, and Kespry makes that a reality,” says Chad Conley, executive vice president of Complete Roofing. “After our customers experience our process, they go ‘Wow. I had no idea there’s a company that can do that.’”

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